To The Birth Mom

Thank you for your courage as you consider adoption. Please know that whatever choice you make, you are not alone. You can find peace amid the storm of life. Nick’s sister placed a baby for adoption over ten years ago. It was the right decision for her to make, though it was extremely difficult. Her choice has proved to be a blessing to all. We are honored that you are considering our family to love and raise your child.

Ferguson Clan Members, At A Glance



  • Age: 32
  • Degree: B.S., Supply Chain Managment
  • Profession: Master Demand Planner
  • Interests: Anything Outdoors! Ping pong, etc.
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  • Age: 37
  • Degree: B.S., Business Technology
  • Profession: Stay-At-Home Mom
  • Interests: Outdoors, cycling, playing violin, cooking, Lincoln’s education
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  • Age: 5
  • Adoption Status: Biological
  • Education: Almost a Kindergartner!
  • Interests: Hiking, camping, riding his bicycle, playing Skylanders with dad, being silly!
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Learn a Little More About the Fergusons

About Our Family

Our Family

We were married in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2008. Nearly a year later we had our little miracle baby, Lincoln. Despite lots of medical intervention, we have been unable to have more children. Georgia had a feeling that adoption would be a part of her life long before she met Nick, and right now is the right time for our family.

We love being outdoors! Camping, hiking, and snowshoeing are some of our favorite vacation activities. We love traveling to other cities. Nick and Georgia also love to road bike together and we pull Lincoln behind us in his bike trailer, though Lincoln is pretty good on his little mountain bike. We love going to the movies, hanging out with family, wrestling, and demonstrating feats of strength right before Lincoln’s bedtime.

Georgia is a stay-at-home mom. Education is very important to us, so we spend time on lots of educational outings. For example, we have "Science Reliance" Wednesday, where we go somewhere to learn about the world around us, or conduct our own science experiments at home. We also have "Shake ‘n Make" Friday, where we build or make something together and have a homemade shake with it.

Faith is a big part of our lives and are very active in our congregation. Serving in the church, and serving those around us is important to us. We are both teachers and we also help to serve those who are single in our congregation. Lincoln is a great helper on Sundays and often helps to put chairs away.

Extended Family

Family is very important to us. We both came from larger families and always believed we would have a large one. While having a “big” family may never happen in this life for us, we do have a very special, close family. We live about 15 minutes away from both of our parents. Most of our siblings also live between 5 and 20 minutes away. We are very close with them, it is important to us, and couldn’t imagine life being any different.

Lincoln loves all of his cousins and calls them his friends. We go over to one of our parents’ houses most Sundays for dinner and see them typically a few times each week. Grandpa Ferguson makes the best chocolate chip cookies every Sunday and you can usually find family wandering over there at cookie time. Lincoln also loves to help his grandpa make cookies. Nick’s sister stays home with her six children and we get together quite a bit on outings and Georgia teaches violin to one of her children.

Georgia watches her baby nephew for a few hours a week and Lincoln especially loves the time he gets to spend with his baby cousin. He absolutely loves playing, and getting in trouble, with his cousins Gigi and Olivia. They are the three amigos.

We grew up in happy, loving homes and we both have very supportive families. They have been behind us throughout the infertility and fully support our decision to adopt. They’re excited to add to the family and will treat any child that comes into the family as one of their own!

Extended Family
About Our Home

Our Home

We live in a beautiful 2,800 square foot home. We have three large bedrooms and two full bathrooms upstairs, including the master bedroom. There is a bedroom and a rec room with a ping-pong table on the lower level. There is a very large family room, bathroom living room, large kitchen and dining room in an open main living area. Georgia loves to cook and the kitchen is a fun spot for the whole family to gather.

Our backyard borders a pine tree farm and sounds like an aviary in the summer. We love to garden and have fresh vegetables and peaches and apples in the summer. We have a large swingset with a slide and a trampoline in the back yard.

Our Neighborhood

We live in a cul-de-sac in the best neighborhood in Utah. We have lived here for the past four years. When we were first searching for houses, we drove into the neighborhood full of children playing and waving at us as we drove by. We were sold! We made an offer on three houses in this neighborhood, just so we could live here, and we haven’t looked back. The neighborhood has fun activities every year, such as the kid bike parade, the flashlight easter egg hunt. Halloween is a big event in the neighborhood and kids come from all over the state to trick-or-treat here. We get between 300-600 kids each year. There are many children surrounding us, a park that is about three houses down, and beautiful bike trails. The mountains are a 5-minute drive away and we hike there often.

We have very friendly, supportive neighbors and friends. All of them know we are hoping to adopt and eagerly ask us about the status of the adoption when we see them. Other neighbors have adopted children of different races and abilities and they have been accepted and loved by the neighborhood and congregation.

The local elementary is about a quarter-mile away and is rated as one of the top elementary schools in Utah. Georgia is very active at the local elementary and will be on the PTA board as the Special Needs Coordinator when Lincoln starts school. The local Junior high is very new and is also one of the top rated junior high schools. There will likely be a new high school built in our area by the time the children are old enough to go.

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