Two months going on eight

My little baby is growing up *sniff*. But on the upside, her little personality is emerging more and more every day… and it frightens me. HA! She is one spunky girl already. In four short days she will be three months old. From the time she was about two weeks old, Ruby could hold her head up. For awhile I assumed this was self-preservation since Lincoln was constantly trying to pick her up. But she has continued to be a “hulk” of a baby (innuendo for Halloween). For example, here’s a video of my little sassy-pants girl walking with the assistance of her adorable cousin Elsie.

My walking baby! Two months old going on eight. #walkerbaby #babyruby #lookatallthathair

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Have you EVER seen a baby so young who did this? I will answer for you – NO! But it is the one thing in this life that brings her true joy. You’ve never seen a happier baby as Ruby when you hold her little hands and let her walk up your body. She even lifts her knees, supports her weight and everything. Totally crazy.

But the true reason for the fear I have for this baby is her incredible ability to manipulate *insert devil emoji* Oh yes, she demands 100% of your attention, and when she isn’t getting it, she will lay there and curse at you. It’s not a cry, it’s baby cursing. She’ll try to talk at you, loudly, and sometimes squaks at the top of her lungs if you’re not looking at her. But, oh, is she adorable! She has my heart, and thus, my house is a complete mess because my sweet, sassy little girl wants me to play with her – and I do. 

Ruby is as beautiful as she is sassy. Case in point:

Ruby on the Grass 4x6

What I hear MULTIPLE times daily is this, “Look at ALL THAT HAIR! She is so beautiful!” The hair, by the way, is long enough to be pulled  back, such as this fish braid:

Ruby and Fam

Long story short, we could not ever imagine going about this life without Ruby. Adoption is a miracle! We are so grateful for this bundle of joy and attitude in our lives. And on another note, I will attempt to post actual content of what we are doing in the future. Our lives were put on a bit of a hold with our little addition, but we’ve settled into a routine now and hopefully things will be a bit easier.

She’s Here!!!!!!!!!

Things have been a bit crazy lately, so I’ve been pretty bad at blogging. But I swear I had a good reason. Really. And the reason is….

Baby Ruby

Baby Ruby Lynn is here!!! And we love her so much. This is her perpetual smile 🙂

Things were touch-and-go for awhile and we didn’t know if the adoption was actually going to happen, but we are SO happy it did. We know she was meant to be in our family. She is so loved by everyone already. And we have been overwhelmed with gratitude for our friends who have bent over backwards to welcome her into our family and help us out while we get the hang of having a newborn again. My first baby shower is Thursday and they invited eighty people. EIGHTY! I have two more after this. She has more wardrobe than any diva ought to have 😉 She deserves it. 

Ruby is a very mellow baby. She LOVES the binky, more so than any baby I have ever seen, and has a surprising ability to keep it in her mouth. We hardly hear a peep from her. When she is hungry she mostly wiggles and roots. When she wakes up she makes a little “meow”. She still sleeps most of the day, which really bugs daddy, so he occasionally pesters her so he can see her blue-grey eyes stare up at him. At night she wakes up about twice to eat. The second feeding she likes to be awake for about two hours and coo. Everything about her is perfect. 

I had the opportunity to “display” Ruby at church on Sunday (because I’m not ready for everyone to get their germy hands on her) and talk about our experience. I shared the feeling that I had before we made our final decision to adopt her – through all our years of infertility, we were being prepared for this little girl. And now that she is here, it feels like we’ve had her always. Lincoln absolutely loves her and made up a song for her the first time they met. It was the cutest thing you have ever seen and impossible not to cry. 

More pics are to follow. We are having her birth announcement photos done on Wednesday evening. My VERY talented photographer sister (whose specialty is newborns) is taking her photos. I’m sure they’ll be breathtaking – just like Ruby.  I also plan on blogging about our wonderful experience with Ruby’s birthmom. For now… we’re going to enjoy our little bundle of pure cuteness!

Fun in the Sun

Sunday is Father’s Day – one of my favorites, right after Mother’s Day 😉 I love letting all the dads in my life, especially my wonderful husband, know how much I appreciate and love them. Nick’s dad will be out of town on Father’s Day, so we all got together on Tuesday for an entire day at Cherry Hill. My little Lincoln was the bravest I’ve ever seen him! Nick knows how to get him to do anything because Nick has the tremendous gift of enthusiasm. Lincoln rode on Cardiac Canyon, the blue dragon slides, and tried swimming in the lazy river without any arm floaties.

Here’s a little peak of what Cardiac Canyon is like!

I had to leave a little early to go to symphony rehearsal. There are literally only two rehearsals for this next concert at the Utah Arts Festival so I couldn’t miss. We are playing some really fun pieces: Stravinski’s Firebird Suite, Mendelssohn’s Italian symphony, last movement (the best one), The Blue Danube, the Utah overture (a piece written for the symphony back in 2002), Copeland’s Hoe Down, and a few other showstoppers. This should be a good season ender for the symphony!

There’s no Santa after all

In a previous post, I mentioned our little “Christmas miracle” of being chosen for adoption. We were pretty excited. I made baby blankets, we got the crib ready, we shopped for baby things, we even arranged for housing in Nevada so we could stay at a nice place while we waited for the interstate adoption processing. All was well.. for about a month. It did worry us a tad that our birth mom didn’t want to talk to us, and then the agency mentioned our birth mom was acting strange. We had the weekend to stew over what that meant. On Monday I called the social worker to check up on what was going on and she told me they had decided not to work with our birth mom any longer because they didn’t feel she was 100% committed to the adoption. Needless to say, it has been a difficult week. Lincoln was the most excited out of all of us. He told EVERYONE he was getting a baby sister. After I told him, he said he felt ok, but he was in a very cranky mood for the remainder of the day.

Aside from praying our guts out and letting everyone under the sun know that we are trying to adopt, I don’t know what else to do to feel better. This was worse than any miscarriage I’ve had. It’s hard for others to know just how hard it is unless they’ve been through it. When I get like this, I expect family to understand and at least acknowledge the hurt that we feel, and every time I’m disappointed that there’s a good portion of family that don’t really get it, or even have any response. Friends have been great. Again, it’s a big lesson in forgiveness for me with family. I have to understand that some people are more empathetic and supportive than others, and that’s just how they are. I am trying to learn how to brush these types of things off and focus on the people that HAVE been there for us. If you have any tips on how to feel positively during hard times, feel free to share!

How do you celebrate your birthday?

I turned 37 yesterday. I was getting my license and my sister was graduating from high school when my mom turned 37. I’m certain she was an older 37 than I am (sorry, Mom), or at least I remember it that way. At any rate, it was a super awesome day. I didn’t always feel this way. Until about age 32, I was ALL ABOUT my birthday. I would announce to my co-workers a week prior that my birthday would be in a week. I’d come bouncing into work in my party-girl outfit, fully expecting my desk to be decorated (which they were always awesome about), and not being shy about anyone knowing it was my birthday. When I turned 33 it was a dark day. Don’t ask me why the stark change. I just… stopped. I didn’t want anyone to know, I tried to make sure Facebook didn’t advertise it, and I generally had a rotten day. Looking back, I think it’s because I didn’t want to be forgotten by anyone, and the best way to not feel forgotten, is to make sure nobody knows. Yeah, that’s the logic in my head.

union-stationSo yesterday I decided I’d just roll with it. I finally remember what it’s like to get fun phone calls with people singing (the best being my sister and mom with their Marilyn Monroe version of "Happy Birthday"), feeling totally fine with my age, and determining to have a great day. And it was. Earlier I took Link to a play group and searched for fabric to sew muslin baby blankets. After I picked up Link from playgroup, he asked if we could go to "Lincoln City" (which is code for any big city nearby). So we went to the Historic 25th Train Station and ate lunch together. If I can go to a restaurant with the little dude, just he and I, I can get a lot of conversation out of him. Otherwise it’s like squeezing blood out of a turnip. After, we explored the trains together.

union-station-linkNick came home early from work and we headed out as a family to Crystal Hot Springs. It was rainy and overcast, which I have discovered is the BEST time to go to the hot springs. Hardly anybody was there and it wasn’t too hot outside. The springs are also not so hot that a 5-year-old can’t get in. In fact, he told me he liked it better than the regular pool. When the lightening started they made us get out, but it was fine – we had spent about an hour and a half in the water so we were nice and pruny and salty (er, mineral-y). Then we headed to the BEST restaurant in Utah – Maddox. They do everything from scratch. Like literally – they grow their own cattle. We were stuffed and relaxed by the end of the night. It was a good birthday.