The Hunger Games

Sometimes people don’t quite understand how bedtime runs at our house, so I have attached a video for reference. I sometimes wonder how I can speed up the bedtime process. The other night it took three hours! Now, before gasping out loud at that prospect, please refer to the following video. This occurs approximately each night as I say, "It’s time to get ready for bed, Lincoln." It’s like there’s a pavlovian trigger in these two!

Salt Lake Symphony Concert

SaltLakeSymphonyMy neck is still reeling from the concert on Saturday. That, plus a humongous headache. But it was totally worth it! We played the John Costa’s Vignette, a more modern piece composed by one of Utah’s own, followed by the Beethoven Violin Concerto. The concerto was played by this amazing 16-year-old girl, Shenae Anderson. I brought my niece, Elsie. I’m teaching Elsie the violin and I thought she would really enjoy seeing a young girl who was so accomplished play a piece that every violinist needs to learn if they are going to be professional players. Elsie wanted to meet her at the end. It was adorable; she was so nervous to meet Shenae. Turns out Shenae’s still 16 and was totally cool.
SatlLakeSymphony-ViolaThe last piece we played was the Mendelssohn Italian Symphony. I totally love that piece! It is so much fun to play, but it is probably the biggest reason for my headache. It’s pretty rigorous to play. The concert wasn’t super well-attended. My guess is that Cinderella was going on next door at Kingsbury Hall. It was totally impossible to park!
My parents and my grandma came, along with Elsie and Nick (my husband). So fun to have them come to concerts again! Nick and I took Elsie out for ice cream afterward and brought some back for grandma and grandpa and Lincoln.
I took a bit of a break from the symphony after Lincoln was born. I got really complacent in not practicing on a regular basis. When I finally came back to the symphony I was totally depressed about how much my skills had deteriorated. Back at it!

We’re off to the races!

Red Igana's Tacos Don RamonWe are pretty busy during the week days, so any time we have a free moment, Lincoln and I like to have lunch with Nick down by his work. Tacos Don Ramon at the Red Iguana are the stuff of dreams. So, naturally, that’s where we went for lunch today. I ate. the. whole. thing. Don’t judge me. We sat outside so we could have the gorgeous view of the train tracks from about 15 feet away. Good stuff. The location may not be 5-star, but the food certainly makes up for it. 

Lincoln and I at Temple SquareSince we were in Salt Lake (Lincoln City, as Link likes to call it), we decided to head to City Creek Mall afterward and play in the fountains and explore. It’s one of Lincoln’s favorite places to go. While we were there, we decided to head to Temple Square, across the street. Excuse our silly faces in this photo. Behind us is an 11-foot statue of the Savior. It is beautiful and very peaceful in there. Link wanted to stay there for a long time.