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Two months going on eight

My little baby is growing up *sniff*. But on the upside, her little personality is emerging more and more every day… and it frightens me. HA! She is one spunky girl already. In four short days she will be three months old. From the time she was about two weeks old, Ruby could hold her […]

She’s Here!!!!!!!!!

Things have been a bit crazy lately, so I’ve been pretty bad at blogging. But I swear I had a good reason. Really. And the reason is…. Baby Ruby Lynn is here!!! And we love her so much. This is her perpetual smile 🙂Things were touch-and-go for awhile and we didn’t know if the adoption […]

Fun in the Sun

Sunday is Father’s Day – one of my favorites, right after Mother’s Day 😉 I love letting all the dads in my life, especially my wonderful husband, know how much I appreciate and love them. Nick’s dad will be out of town on Father’s Day, so we all got together on Tuesday for an entire […]

There’s no Santa after all

In a previous post, I mentioned our little “Christmas miracle” of being chosen for adoption. We were pretty excited. I made baby blankets, we got the crib ready, we shopped for baby things, we even arranged for housing in Nevada so we could stay at a nice place while we waited for the interstate adoption […]

How do you celebrate your birthday?

I turned 37 yesterday. I was getting my license and my sister was graduating from high school when my mom turned 37. I’m certain she was an older 37 than I am (sorry, Mom), or at least I remember it that way. At any rate, it was a super awesome day. I didn’t always feel […]