Fun in the Sun

Sunday is Father’s Day – one of my favorites, right after Mother’s Day 😉 I love letting all the dads in my life, especially my wonderful husband, know how much I appreciate and love them. Nick’s dad will be out of town on Father’s Day, so we all got together on Tuesday for an entire day at Cherry Hill. My little Lincoln was the bravest I’ve ever seen him! Nick knows how to get him to do anything because Nick has the tremendous gift of enthusiasm. Lincoln rode on Cardiac Canyon, the blue dragon slides, and tried swimming in the lazy river without any arm floaties.

Here’s a little peak of what Cardiac Canyon is like!

I had to leave a little early to go to symphony rehearsal. There are literally only two rehearsals for this next concert at the Utah Arts Festival so I couldn’t miss. We are playing some really fun pieces: Stravinski’s Firebird Suite, Mendelssohn’s Italian symphony, last movement (the best one), The Blue Danube, the Utah overture (a piece written for the symphony back in 2002), Copeland’s Hoe Down, and a few other showstoppers. This should be a good season ender for the symphony!