We’re off to the races!

Red Igana's Tacos Don RamonWe are pretty busy during the week days, so any time we have a free moment, Lincoln and I like to have lunch with Nick down by his work. Tacos Don Ramon at the Red Iguana are the stuff of dreams. So, naturally, that’s where we went for lunch today. I ate. the. whole. thing. Don’t judge me. We sat outside so we could have the gorgeous view of the train tracks from about 15 feet away. Good stuff. The location may not be 5-star, but the food certainly makes up for it. 

Lincoln and I at Temple SquareSince we were in Salt Lake (Lincoln City, as Link likes to call it), we decided to head to City Creek Mall afterward and play in the fountains and explore. It’s one of Lincoln’s favorite places to go. While we were there, we decided to head to Temple Square, across the street. Excuse our silly faces in this photo. Behind us is an 11-foot statue of the Savior. It is beautiful and very peaceful in there. Link wanted to stay there for a long time.