It’s a Christmas (or Birthday) Miracle!

We have some news… we are expecting! No, I’m not pregnant. A wonderful girl named Samantha has chosen us to be the adoptive parents of a baby girl she is expecting in July. Holy cow! Which almost completely negates the 40 hours I spent designing and coding (and figuring out WordPress) with this forsaken website. But Hallelujiah! Everyone we talked to told us to brace for the long-haul. The first agency we went with told us less than half of their hopeful adoptive parents ever get chosen. So we got to work creating a website, getting a profile up on, and getting the word out via social media. Turns out we didn’t need any of it. The very first birth mother we were presented with ended up choosing us – and we couldn’t be more excited! So hang tight while we brace for the short-haul of mere weeks until our baby girl arrives!

It truly has been a crazy week. Lincoln graduated pre-school on Thursday. He looks so dapper in his blue dress-shirt and tie, so I put that on him for his graduation program. Much to his dismay, we walked into the classroom and all of the kids were dressed in regular clothes. One kid shouted out, “That’s weird!” I resisted the urge to shout, “Your mom’s weird!” It would have been lost on the 5-year-old. All Lincoln said was, "I look handsome." Damn straight! After his graduation ceremony we took him swimming, followed by a graduation party with family, complete with strawberry cupcakes (requested, but not eaten, by Lincoln) and coconut cream cupcakes.

And if that weren’t enough stimulation for all of us, we had a BBQ the very next day with my family for Grandma Petty at our house. She was out of town on mother’s day, so I thought we needed to celebrate her when she came back. I also have this secret addiction to something called "Meat on a Stick". If I can find a reason to grill that stuff, I will. It is, however, a buttload of work. But oh, so worth it.