Lincoln’s defining characteristic is his kind, gentle heart. He is also very silly and can make anybody laugh (especially his mom). He loves babies and they love him. He is very smart and could read long before Kindergarten. Lincoln was born with a mild form of autism, and besides his great intelligence and a slight speech delay, most people would never know he has autism. He has worked so hard to overcome any deficit he has had.

A Snapshot of Lincoln

Basic Info

  • Age: 5
  • Race/Ethnicity: White
  • Religion: Christian


  • Education: Wants to go to BYU
  • Profession: Doctor or Speech Therapist (for now)

Growing Up

  • State: Utah
  • Parents: Married (biological)
  • Siblings: 0

These Are a Few of Lincoln's Favorite Things


Hanging Out With Mom, Dad and Cousins

We are a pretty tight group. Lincoln sure loves his family and we are lucky enough to be in close proximity to most of our family.

Playing with Dad

When it comes to his dad, Lincoln is up for just about anything. They love to wrestle, build Legos, skip rocks, play video games, jump on the trampoline, and do whatever it is that boys like to do. Lincoln is Nick's biggest fan.

Lincoln loves his dad
Adventures with mom

Adventures with Mom

Lincoln and mom have daily adventures. They hike the mountains nearby, go to the zoo, conduct science experiments, make crafts and build things, go to the water park, or even just plant in the garden. Any way he can get his hands dirty is a fun day for Lincoln.

Going on Vacation

We regularly make countdown chains for our next vacation because Lincoln asks almost daily when we are going on our next trip. His favorite trips, so far, have included a Disney cruise, Disneyland, Moab, Grand Teton, Yellowstone, and Zion National Parks, Boston, boat trips with the Ferguson family, and all of the many camping trips we take during the summer.

Link loves school


As Lincoln puts it, he is "so pumped out" to go to school every day. His favorite subject is reading, but his favorite part is playing with friends at recess!

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