Nick is a total kid at heart and all children love him! Wherever we go, a child is usually following him. Nick is also smart, humble, hardworking, and will break every one of your garden tools (or any tool, for that matter) because he puts all of his effort into things when he is working on something.

A Snapshot of Nick

Basic Info

  • Age: 32
  • Race/Ethnicity: White
  • Religion: Christian

Work & Education

  • Education: Bachelor's Degree in Supply Chain Management
  • Profession: Assistant Director of Demand Planning

Growing Up

  • State: Utah
  • Parents: Married (still)
  • Siblings: 5

These Are a Few of Nick's Favorite Things

(Try to say that without singing it)

Chillin' With the Fam

Watching baseball with his dad is a favorite, but since everybody is close, we hang out with them all the time and love it!

Riding Bikes

We actually love to ride as a family. Lincoln gets the luxury of sitting in the trailer while Nick pulls, but pretty soon he'll be joining us.

Nick loves to ride his bike

Moab, Utah (or ANYTHING outdoors)

Because... have you seen those red rocks? There's nothing like blowing down Porcupine Rim trail on your mountain bike going as fast as you can!

Going to the Movies

We love watching movies as a family. We try to have a movie night a few times a month where we pop popcorn, have a treat and watch a family movie. But there's no substitute for going to the movies and getting a big tub of popcorn to share.

BYU College Football


Especially BYU college football. Nick will win you at a sports trivia game.

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