She’s Here!!!!!!!!!

Things have been a bit crazy lately, so I’ve been pretty bad at blogging. But I swear I had a good reason. Really. And the reason is….

Baby Ruby

Baby Ruby Lynn is here!!! And we love her so much. This is her perpetual smile 🙂

Things were touch-and-go for awhile and we didn’t know if the adoption was actually going to happen, but we are SO happy it did. We know she was meant to be in our family. She is so loved by everyone already. And we have been overwhelmed with gratitude for our friends who have bent over backwards to welcome her into our family and help us out while we get the hang of having a newborn again. My first baby shower is Thursday and they invited eighty people. EIGHTY! I have two more after this. She has more wardrobe than any diva ought to have 😉 She deserves it. 

Ruby is a very mellow baby. She LOVES the binky, more so than any baby I have ever seen, and has a surprising ability to keep it in her mouth. We hardly hear a peep from her. When she is hungry she mostly wiggles and roots. When she wakes up she makes a little “meow”. She still sleeps most of the day, which really bugs daddy, so he occasionally pesters her so he can see her blue-grey eyes stare up at him. At night she wakes up about twice to eat. The second feeding she likes to be awake for about two hours and coo. Everything about her is perfect. 

I had the opportunity to “display” Ruby at church on Sunday (because I’m not ready for everyone to get their germy hands on her) and talk about our experience. I shared the feeling that I had before we made our final decision to adopt her – through all our years of infertility, we were being prepared for this little girl. And now that she is here, it feels like we’ve had her always. Lincoln absolutely loves her and made up a song for her the first time they met. It was the cutest thing you have ever seen and impossible not to cry. 

More pics are to follow. We are having her birth announcement photos done on Wednesday evening. My VERY talented photographer sister (whose specialty is newborns) is taking her photos. I’m sure they’ll be breathtaking – just like Ruby.  I also plan on blogging about our wonderful experience with Ruby’s birthmom. For now… we’re going to enjoy our little bundle of pure cuteness!