Swim Lessons!

So Lincoln has been in need of swimming lessons. With summer months approaching I decided it was time. If you’ve never witnessed beginner swim lessons, go make your way down to your local rec center and watch some (in a non-creeper sort of way). Hi-lari-ous! They always start out with the rules and they spout them off for the first ten minutes, forgetting that they are speaking to 4-5-year-old children who can, at best, follow a 3-step process. Lincoln kept turning around and making funny faces at me. The girl next to him was dunking her head under the water every 30 seconds, and the girl on his other side was trying to wander over to the slide area. Cousin Gigi was MIA.

So after pointless giving of the rules, they began teaching the kids to blow bubbles with their noses under water. At this point is where the adorableness of it all comes in. They were so enthralled with moneky-airplane-rocket, nose bubbles, and head dunks. Not one child cried (though Lincoln claimed his hands were stuck together and he couldn’t do “airplane” for a solid 5 minutes). I’m excited for the next lesson on Wednesday. Hopefully his cousin Gigi will show 🙂

Swim Lessons