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Fun in the Sun

Sunday is Father’s Day – one of my favorites, right after Mother’s Day 😉 I love letting all the dads in my life, especially my wonderful husband, know how much I appreciate and love them. Nick’s dad will be out of town on Father’s Day, so we all got together on Tuesday for an entire […]

How do you celebrate your birthday?

I turned 37 yesterday. I was getting my license and my sister was graduating from high school when my mom turned 37. I’m certain she was an older 37 than I am (sorry, Mom), or at least I remember it that way. At any rate, it was a super awesome day. I didn’t always feel […]

It’s a Christmas (or Birthday) Miracle!

We have some news… we are expecting! No, I’m not pregnant. A wonderful girl named Samantha has chosen us to be the adoptive parents of a baby girl she is expecting in July. Holy cow! Which almost completely negates the 40 hours I spent designing and coding (and figuring out WordPress) with this forsaken website. […]

The Hunger Games

Sometimes people don’t quite understand how bedtime runs at our house, so I have attached a video for reference. I sometimes wonder how I can speed up the bedtime process. The other night it took three hours! Now, before gasping out loud at that prospect, please refer to the following video. This occurs approximately each […]