The 350-person orchestra

It was a sight to behold: 350 6th grade children, all playing their stringed instruments under one conductor. I will say, as a musician (and with empathy for the conductor), it sounds like a friggin nightmare. When you sit near the back of any regular orchestra, it’s hard to see the conductor, keep time correctly (acoustics do weird things near the back), and hear the rest of the orchestra appropriately. Add about 300 additional people to that number and I can’t even imagine how it screws things up.

All that said, we watched my niece, Elsie, play in the first violin section with this massive group. Great job, Elsie! I teach private lessons to Elsie and she works so hard every week. She’s a special little girl, for sure!

Elsie's Massive Concert - Family
Elsie's Massive Concert - Elsie and I