There’s no Santa after all

In a previous post, I mentioned our little “Christmas miracle” of being chosen for adoption. We were pretty excited. I made baby blankets, we got the crib ready, we shopped for baby things, we even arranged for housing in Nevada so we could stay at a nice place while we waited for the interstate adoption processing. All was well.. for about a month. It did worry us a tad that our birth mom didn’t want to talk to us, and then the agency mentioned our birth mom was acting strange. We had the weekend to stew over what that meant. On Monday I called the social worker to check up on what was going on and she told me they had decided not to work with our birth mom any longer because they didn’t feel she was 100% committed to the adoption. Needless to say, it has been a difficult week. Lincoln was the most excited out of all of us. He told EVERYONE he was getting a baby sister. After I told him, he said he felt ok, but he was in a very cranky mood for the remainder of the day.

Aside from praying our guts out and letting everyone under the sun know that we are trying to adopt, I don’t know what else to do to feel better. This was worse than any miscarriage I’ve had. It’s hard for others to know just how hard it is unless they’ve been through it. When I get like this, I expect family to understand and at least acknowledge the hurt that we feel, and every time I’m disappointed that there’s a good portion of family that don’t really get it, or even have any response. Friends have been great. Again, it’s a big lesson in forgiveness for me with family. I have to understand that some people are more empathetic and supportive than others, and that’s just how they are. I am trying to learn how to brush these types of things off and focus on the people that HAVE been there for us. If you have any tips on how to feel positively during hard times, feel free to share!