Two months going on eight

My little baby is growing up *sniff*. But on the upside, her little personality is emerging more and more every day… and it frightens me. HA! She is one spunky girl already. In four short days she will be three months old. From the time she was about two weeks old, Ruby could hold her head up. For awhile I assumed this was self-preservation since Lincoln was constantly trying to pick her up. But she has continued to be a “hulk” of a baby (innuendo for Halloween). For example, here’s a video of my little sassy-pants girl walking with the assistance of her adorable cousin Elsie.

My walking baby! Two months old going on eight. #walkerbaby #babyruby #lookatallthathair

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Have you EVER seen a baby so young who did this? I will answer for you – NO! But it is the one thing in this life that brings her true joy. You’ve never seen a happier baby as Ruby when you hold her little hands and let her walk up your body. She even lifts her knees, supports her weight and everything. Totally crazy.

But the true reason for the fear I have for this baby is her incredible ability to manipulate *insert devil emoji* Oh yes, she demands 100% of your attention, and when she isn’t getting it, she will lay there and curse at you. It’s not a cry, it’s baby cursing. She’ll try to talk at you, loudly, and sometimes squaks at the top of her lungs if you’re not looking at her. But, oh, is she adorable! She has my heart, and thus, my house is a complete mess because my sweet, sassy little girl wants me to play with her – and I do. 

Ruby is as beautiful as she is sassy. Case in point:

Ruby on the Grass 4x6

What I hear MULTIPLE times daily is this, “Look at ALL THAT HAIR! She is so beautiful!” The hair, by the way, is long enough to be pulled  back, such as this fish braid:

Ruby and Fam

Long story short, we could not ever imagine going about this life without Ruby. Adoption is a miracle! We are so grateful for this bundle of joy and attitude in our lives. And on another note, I will attempt to post actual content of what we are doing in the future. Our lives were put on a bit of a hold with our little addition, but we’ve settled into a routine now and hopefully things will be a bit easier.